Solution for Level 157 (Sunshine Savannah)

How do you beat Farm Heroes level 157? This page contains the solution of level 157 in episode 11 (Sunshine Savannah) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Farm Heroes Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

In level 157 you have 30 moves to match 10 carrots, 10 strawberries and 10 dragons. To earn 3 stars, you must earn at least 180,000 points. If you are not able to finish this level without using boosters, a shovel booster is a suggested booster to use. This booster removes cropsies, cracks eggs, grows flowers and fills buckets.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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Shelby Mcneill

Posted on 04/06/2016

I have been playing the level for several weeks and I don't seem to get the things that I need to pass the level. Does anyone have a easier way to beat the level?


Posted on 07/19/2015

This is not the same level 157 I have. No one has mentioned the 140 apples that need to be collected. Seems impossible, and by the way, no wTer buckets


Posted on 05/25/2015

I cant get past tbis 157 game it very hard i have been on this game for 6months please help if i find someone that made i am going to ask the person to help me!! May26,2015


Posted on 12/27/2014

My game says I have to collect 18 bad crops 8 strawberries 22 carrots an 140 apples an have to get them in 30 moves I don't have no water. Reading everyone's posts tells me the game master needs to short there shit out!!! This was a fun game seems like to many errors.


Posted on 11/07/2014

They are not handing out any boosters,so how can you get them,besides playing the other games all the time


Posted on 11/07/2014

I have managed to get the required carrots and strawberries a few times but haven't cleared the level yet. Now it kicks me out before I even get going and I lose a life every time it does. This has been going on for over a week and I'm pretty much ready to uninstall. Anyone else had similar issues?


Posted on 10/23/2014

I have also been on level 157 for weeks! I see people talk of water in this level. Mine has no water but has requirement of 6 strawberries, 140 apples, 22 carrots and 18 monsters. All of this in 30 moves?! Getting the smaller requirements AND building up enough apples has so far proved impossible. Can anyone please help?! Thank you :)


Posted on 10/13/2014

Kim... I have the same version as way to get 140 apples...and in this one there is no water!!! I don't get way to pass this level and all the tips are for a different version


Posted on 10/13/2014

Why is my level 157 different from all of yours?!? My page is collect strawberries, apples (140!), carrots, and monsters in 30 moves! Does anyone have this page of 157 like me?? Its so hard and I can't find anywhere to get help for it! Please HELP if you can!! Thanks:)


Posted on 09/05/2014

Did anyone have the carrots and strawberries required, suddenly drop to 4? Happened right after I got a message saying Lives have been recharged. Enjoy! Haven't dared play since.


Posted on 09/02/2014

I can't beat this level either. I've been on it a week. I have gotten the carrots but with only 2 strawberries it is impossible to manipulate them into position by the end of the 30 moves. I loved this game too but not anymore.


Posted on 09/02/2014

Found that if you work the bottom and sides then use the shovel for strawberry, then gather them all with the tool you will get the dragons and carrots in the numbers. I've just got past this level after 3weeks trying.


Posted on 09/02/2014

Agree with all of the above, takes all the fun out as you feel you are just wasting time instead of playing a game.


Posted on 08/31/2014

Been stuck on this level for weeks now. I never get close to getting any strawberries. Quitting for now because it seems impossible unless you want to pay for boosters.


Posted on 08/18/2014

Has ANYONE passed this level without using a booster? I've used the shovel quite a few times and I STILL can't get past it! Argh!


Posted on 08/16/2014

I hate this game now! I don't even want to play anymore. So frustrating.


Posted on 08/15/2014

So happy I am not the frustrated soul! I guess I'll keep trying until I decide to move to something else. Lousy level!!!


Posted on 08/14/2014

I never get strawberries or carrots once the waterdrops fell on meagre few there is


Posted on 08/13/2014

Sick of Level 157, I agree with all the above comments. Loved up till now, been stuck for weeks...stupid game!!!! Not enough carrots & no strawbs yet!!


Posted on 08/12/2014

Agree with all the above . enjoy a good game with challenges . But why make a level so difficult that it makes everyone want to guit ? Poor planning on Kings part. too many other games to play . Time to move on !!!


Posted on 08/11/2014

This is an impossible level without major luck. Very frustrated. No way to move on. Can't get enough carrots or strawberries, and the few I get never fall where I need them.


Posted on 08/08/2014

I agree with all comments. Ready to quit so frustrating & unenjoyable!!!


Posted on 08/07/2014

This level is just way too hard and the game is about to get deleted. I am a fan of King games at the end of candy crush again on level 620 waiting for a new release. Seems like I am constantly waiting fir updates. But this 157 on farm heros is just too hard.


Posted on 08/04/2014

Dumbest level ever! They want your money!


Posted on 07/31/2014

Worst level of any game I have ever played.


Posted on 07/27/2014

I will play this unbeatable level until the cows come home, but i refuse to pay for any booster. I'm a level 423 inn Candy Crush, so umm not exactly a newbie to these type of games. This. Level. Sucks.


Posted on 07/27/2014

I hate this level! I have been here way to long & it has taken all the fun out of it. This level seriously needs improving!

Jen c

Posted on 07/26/2014

Cannot beat this level and getting very frustrated. Loved this game until now. Sucks

Steve Topley

Posted on 07/24/2014

Crap stupid level i'm gonna quit this game there is no slution here.


Posted on 07/24/2014

The video has a bunch of carrots and strawberries coming down !!! That never happens ! Impossible level guess I'm done!!!


Posted on 07/21/2014

I agree...thought it was me. I am so disappointed because I really liked the game, but am going to stop playing. I have gotten enough carrots and dragons, but not even one strawberry. Oh well.....


Posted on 07/21/2014

Has anyone cracked this level-it doesn't seem possible!


Posted on 07/19/2014

I so agree with the above comments. No way past this level. About to stop playing which is a pity because I've enjoyed it thus far


Posted on 07/18/2014

It took me a week to pass this level. You never do get enough strawberries or carrots to clear all of the frozen areas and match strawberries. I won by using all of my boosters..... to increase points, dig out, roll over, etc. I was not going to buy helps but the longer you play the more boosters you get.


Posted on 07/15/2014

So it's not just me it's becoming boring as can't move on just spoils it. Think I will quit !


Posted on 07/13/2014

agree this is a ridiculous level.... or down right stupid. Been at this level too, long the video doesn't help either... if I had that set up I could beat to too....


Posted on 07/12/2014

I have been on this level way to long. I am feeling just like everyone else. This game may go the way of the dodo bird for me!

Gladys autry

Posted on 07/07/2014

The worst game yet. the walk thru shows everthing falling into place. Not a true showing.I have few friends who will use farm heroes saga.


Posted on 07/06/2014

Ridiculous level! Water drops takes the only two carrots and two strawberries! Can't go any further. Got to stop playing.


Posted on 07/02/2014

I totally agree tracey!! All the cheats show luck of getting corrots n strawberries like its tht simple! ive been on this level for 3 way too long days n cannot beat it! come on I mean it shudnt b this hard! im beginning to think theres no way to move on.... ive been stuck on a few levels before n beat them after a few tries but this level is insane! im disappointed bc im losing interest as well in a game I once considered addictive! its taken all the fun out n is makin me frustrated... when I use this game to take the frustration out of my day, I get lost in my phone an ignore all the annoying things that's around me! wow I guess ill have to find a new game... so sad


Posted on 06/29/2014

Ridiculous level. The water drops take out the only carrots and strawberries you receive to work with. No more are ever given Once those are gone you might as well quit the level as no way to unfreeze the others. Shovels dont really help as can't collect enough shovels to really help! All the fun has been taken out of the game. Losing interest really desire to even play anymore. Been stuck here way too long.


Posted on 06/27/2014

Horrible game, after 3 weeks never had any clou to organize some strawberries f.i., cause after 3, 4, 10 or 20 moves, the game hussles several times, nothing to do with tactics or knowing how to play. Its LUCK!!!!!


Posted on 06/23/2014

You make it look so easy to get the strawberries....I have only had two strawberries come up during the whole game, and can never get them in a position to use. Nothing I try works the same as any of the videos show.

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