Solution for Level 188 (Kiwi County)

How do you beat Farm Heroes level 188? This page contains the solution of level 188 in episode 13 (Kiwi County) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Farm Heroes Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

In level 188 you have 26 moves to match 35 apples, 35 strawberries and 35 suns. To earn 3 stars, you must earn at least 140,000 points. If you are not able to finish this level without using boosters, a tractor booster is a suggested booster to use. This booster removes all cropsies along a horizontal row.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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Posted on 03/13/2016

I have to play a hard level some times for months before I can progress. I used to require a 3 star level, but have now lowered my standards to 2 stars unless it is a mascot level wherest I can use boosters in the future.


Posted on 12/22/2014

I seem to have the same problem, until I dont. By that I mean I end up replaying each level again and again, until a workable pattern is given. Then the solution appears almost magically.


Posted on 11/16/2014

These videos always infuriate me. I know HOW the level works. The videos always show how to win when all variables fall perfectly in place. My water seldom pops into place next to an ?onion?. When it does, there seems to be to few moves left to do anything about it. My question is this...has anyone seen a pattern or direction of where the water goes when activated? It would help if someone saw a pattern in these.

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