Solution for Level 124 (Backyard Brambles)

How do you beat Farm Heroes level 124? This page contains the solution of level 124 in episode 9 (Backyard Brambles) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Farm Heroes Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

In level 124 you have 45 moves to match 2 dragons, 30 apples, 30 carrots and 30 strawberries. To collect all animals, you must earn at least 200,000 points. If you are not able to finish this level without using boosters, a bonus rewarder is a suggested booster to use. This booster gives all required cropsies a +1 bonus.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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Deidre White

Posted on 01/18/2016

This has been one of the most frustrating levels I have encounted. I have been working on it for 2 weeks. I am determined to beat it no matter how long it takes. "When" I defeat it------, I promise to share...............


Posted on 04/26/2015

I'm about ready to let all the cute cropsies rot in the dirt. Been stuck on 124 for 3 weeks, and I'm going to eat all the animals before I leave!


Posted on 01/15/2015

This level is worse now that it's changed. Although you only have to get one only get 21 moves. THERE IS NO WAY you can get 3 stars on this level!!! NO WAY!!!! I QUIT!!!!!!


Posted on 11/02/2014

I am going into my 3rd month now being stuck on this level. I am going to have to just give up. It is impossible, frustrating and not fun anymore. I use to love this game, now I can't stand it anymore.


Posted on 10/16/2014

So over this level: watched video, didn't help: only have one shovel to use, not multiple as video shows. No more Farm Zeroes for me.


Posted on 10/15/2014

Been stuck on this level for weeks.....getting frustrated and bored...its impossible!


Posted on 10/14/2014

I get to do one .......but no luck doing two


Posted on 10/13/2014

King (farm heros) makes it impossible to beat level 124! I've been trying for weeks, used every tip & strategy I could find, didn't work!! I give up, this game isn't fun anymore!! It's giving me major anxiety!! Got gray hair!!!


Posted on 10/10/2014

Agree with all. Deliberately impossible. Giving up.


Posted on 10/07/2014

Crazy stupid to make it that impossible, OK to make it challenging, but not impossible... I refuse to buy anything either.


Posted on 10/06/2014

Agree with all of above ....been on this level for weeks now...impossible ..boring.


Posted on 10/03/2014

This level is impossible...going to delete it and find new game


Posted on 10/02/2014

I bought shares of King when they became available to the public. Not only does level 124 suck, so do their stocks. I am abandoning both!


Posted on 10/02/2014

Been on this level for weeks now I'm quitting How can you crack eggs when it keeps shuffling As soon as you get 2 together


Posted on 10/02/2014

This level is impossible, been on it for 3 months,I'm fed up how boring.


Posted on 09/28/2014

I've had enough of this too, hate farm heroes now, make it fun guys, not impossible


Posted on 09/24/2014

Very hard to complete,getting dargon is impossible... Update the levels otherwise noone will play this


Posted on 09/23/2014

Absolutely boring level


Posted on 09/22/2014

Been stuck on 124 for weeks. Impossible to get second chick. I'm with you guys. Not fun anymore.


Posted on 09/21/2014

I agree, this level is stupid hard. I had a bunch of friends playing up till this level. Now only 1 friend


Posted on 09/20/2014

I agree, impossible and not fun anymore. Why make this so hard that you give up and totally fed up, so sad as I really was enjoying Farm Heros, not anymore. Going somewhere else


Posted on 09/18/2014

I agree, impossible and boring after two weeks of trying. Abandoning game.


Posted on 09/16/2014

Sorry but your video is useless, the shuffle has to be accurate and how do you get the shovel get rid of the dragons/dropsies you choose? I've been on this level for weeks now and totally fed up with it, absolutely impossible, what a complete con


Posted on 09/15/2014

Refuse to spend money and if I can't get a second dragon, I'll just quit. Has gotten to the point where only 1 friend is still playing, all others have quit because of ridiculous levels.


Posted on 09/14/2014

All my friends are quitting this game also just a ploy for you to spend money


Posted on 09/11/2014

Totally agree. You are losing me on this game over this level. It's impossible to beat. Not fun - totally frustrating and boring. Bye bye.

was a fan

Posted on 09/10/2014

Totally agreed it's boring now,on it too impossible that I'll inform all forget farm heroes it's horrible 124(


Posted on 09/09/2014

I have been stuck on this level for several weeks now. I am so frustrated! I don't mind difficult levels, but this one is beyond difficult! It is challenging enough to get 1 dragon, 2 seems almost impossible. I am about to give up on the game over this.


Posted on 08/26/2014

This level is quite impossible. Going to quit this game! Frustrated!

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